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Prior to renting space at MSP Kitchenery, the following items are required.  Please this time, we are not accepting applications for Food Trucks or Catering Companies (this includes meal kits).

1 - At least one person from your company needs to be a certified Food Safety Manager.  There are both Instructor Led or Online courses available though ServSafe.  Once you have passed the exam and have your certification, you will need to apply to become a Minnesota CFPM (Certified Food Protection Manager).  This is different than the certificate from ServSafe.  The MN Department of Health is a great resource for completing these forms.


2 - Once you have your Minnesota CFPM (which you will need at any commercial kitchen) and are past the "ideas phase" of your business development plan (ie: you have already established your product, company name, formed an LLC, opened your bank accounts, have a logo, etc.).  Contact Nikkolette at 651.334.8821 or fill out the contact form.  We will have a conversation to see if there is space available and if we are a good fit.  After that conversation, we can determine if steps 2-5 can continue.  



3 - You must maintain product liability and general liability insurance.  A minimum of $1 million per occurrence and a minimum $2 million annual aggregate is required.  MSP Kitchenery LLC must be listed as an “additional named insured”.  User will be required to provide proof of insurance prior to entering into any agreement.

4 - A business license with the Hennepin County Health Department or the MN Department of Agriculture is required.  In general, most direct to consumer food businesses will go through Hennepin County and wholesale is licensed through the Department of Ag.  Apply for those licenses directly through the corresponding websites.  An inspector will work with you and complete a formal inspection.   

5 - The final step is to sign the agreement, provide deposits, review the policies & procedures manual and go through training.

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