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Event & Class Space Rental

 Welcome to MSP Kitchenery, where we not only offer a commercial kitchen space for rent, but also provide a unique venue for events and classes. Our kitchens are not just fully equipped for food preparation, but also beautifully designed and versatile spaces that can be adapted to meet a variety of needs. Whether you're looking to host a cooking class, a product demonstration, or a corporate event, our kitchens offer a stunning and functional space that will make your event or class stand out. With modern appliances, elegant countertops, and ample seating, our kitchens are the perfect setting for a wide range of events and classes. So why settle for a boring and generic event space when you can host your next event or class in one of our stunning kitchens?

Flexible Options

Flexible rental options, allowing you to rent the space for as little or as long as you need. With 3 different shared kitchen locations in Hopkins, Plymouth and Saint Paul Minnesota

Professional Team

From start to finish you will be impressed with your experience with the MSP Kitchenery team. We pride ourselves on all the details to make your Kitchen rental a delight! 

Easy set up

Our rental kitchens are set up for you to leverage the existing commercial appliances and infrastructure to make it easy to hold your class or event


Our shared kitchens have high quality and well-maintained kitchen equipment to make sure you have the necessary tools for your class.

Accessible Locations

All of our shared kitchens in the Twin Cities are easy to access off major highways in Hopkins, Saint Paul and Plymouth  making it convenient for your guests or students 

The perfect Space

Being a shared kitchen we are set up to be able to move things around to leverage the kitchen space for your exact needs.

Advantages of using our shared Kitchens for your Event & Classroom Space

  1. Professional facilities: Our shared kitchens are equipped with professional-grade appliances and tools, providing a comfortable and functional space for cooking classes, demonstrations, and events.

  2. Customizable space: Our event and classroom kitchen space can be customized to meet your specific needs, allowing for a more personalized and tailored experience for your students or attendees.

  3. High-quality equipment: Our rental kitchens are equipped with high-quality equipment, ensuring that your students or attendees have access to the tools and appliances they need to participate in your event or class.

  4. Convenient Locations: Our shared kitchens are located in convenient, easily accessible locations in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area)

How our Kitchens are different

In 2019 we began our journey purchasing a kitchen in Plymouth, MN leveraging our different experiences to reshape the rental kitchen model in Minnesota. Nikkolette has a mathematical background and worked in corporate actuarial sciences and finance for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Nikkolette worked fulltime while also creating and growing Nikkolette's Macarons for a number of years prior to going full time into the macaron business. John has a background in high growth technology companies and driving a deep focus on streamlining operational inefficiencies leveraging technology and processes to scale rapidly, he also has invested in real estate starting in his early 20's, combined we had very limited experience in a kitchen which caused us to look at it all in a different manner, a fresh new approach to handling shared kitchens.  Since our inception in 2019 with the Plymouth location we have added a rental kitchen in St. Paul, MN in 2022 and a third rental kitchen in Hopkins, MN in 2023.


Some of the things that make us different are the following:

  1. We believe in being immaculate and having a spotless and clean kitchen

  2. All of our equipment (mixers, ovens, etc.) are in working order and are in great shape to be able to produce for our entrepreneurs.

  3. Our buildings all have newer mechanicals (furnaces, air conditioning, venting, etc.) so our entrepreneurs can focus on their business and not worry about the shared kitchen space.

  4. We love technology and utilize it.  We allow you to book your time and have visibility to all other users online, remotely accessing the kitchens 24/7/365 with a downloadable app for your smart phone.

  5. We believe in providing a safe and secure place for your kitchen needs leveraging our camera systems, bright outdoor lighting and all new door systems so you are safe and secure in our kitchens. 

  6. We are drama free – we don’t allow drama into our kitchens and shut it down immediately when it occurs.  We are all business professionals and treat each other with respect and dignity and have a zero tolerance policy for anything else

  7. We are food business entrepreneurs as well with Nikkolette’s Macarons you will see us at the same shows, farmers markets and festivals your selling at and we understand the community because of this.

  8. When things break at the kitchen we fix them as soon as humanley possible, we do not let things linger, we address issues immediately with a solution to move forward.

  9. We like to have fun and enjoy life and bring that joy to our kitchens, life's too short to deal with jerks.

  10. We want to see you succeed and grow and will help in any way we can to assist you in achieving your dreams.

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